diary at Telent Netowrks


Tue, 06 Feb 2018 23:08:11 +0000

NixWRT somehow popped up on Reddit a couple of weeks ago, and I was besieged (not really) with questions like "which wireless community groups are using it?" and "is it better than OpenWRT?".

To which the answers are basically "nobody" and "no", right now, but it made me think a bit about where if anywhere this is all going and how fast it will get there, and in response I updated the README with some milestones/use cases

The good news is that I'm approaching the point where I can see what's left to attain M0. This week I have got it to boot and run an SSH server, and I have a rudimentary but not completely awful way to specify services - which run under monit, so will get restarted when they fail. Once I have decided how it's actually going to perform backups (don't know whether to just install rsyncd, or something fancy like unison or perkeep), and on the perhaps unlikely proviso that my target hardware device still even works then basically everything else is cleanup. I'm providing configuration points that accept attrsets instead of expecting the user to write text-based config format, and I've started work on extracting the generic nixwrt stuff from my local config (this is still ongoing)

Not a whole lot of war stories or weird random bugs this week, either.

In other news, beginning to think I might keep the NixWRT name. Partly because I haven't thought of a better one, but also - given that I'm using their kernel if not their build scripts or userland - as an acknowledgement of the work that goes into maintaining that project. I'm standing on the hipbones of giants.