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There are many reasons to keep a blog, and most of them are in#

Wed, 01 Jun 2005 11:22:10 +0000

There are many reasons to keep a blog, and most of them are in conflict with each other. Today the conflict is between writing something so I will remember next year what I was doing this year, and writing nothing so that everyone else doesn't have to wade through my rambling. Guess who won?

I think I probably won't be at LSM after all.

Obviously I should be charging it with the power off#

Fri, 03 Jun 2005 15:41:35 +0000

Obviously I should be charging it with the power off ...

It has been reported by some of our customers that they have experienced reduced battery life after charging their Zen Micro. Our product development team has researched these reports and determined that the users may have experienced this after they plugged their Zen Micro into the AC adapter that was already inserted into a wall socket with the AC power on.

While this is not the conventional way to plug in a player for charging, we wanted to ensure that our customers did not experience this problem, so we have developed a solution to address this, which simply involves upgrading the Zen Micro's firmware.


Enotomotomy, Trivial Sockets and Bordeaux-MP added to telent darcs#

Mon, 13 Jun 2005 11:20:17 +0000

Enotomotomy, Trivial Sockets and Bordeaux-MP added to telent darcs. I think this is probably all of the code from telent cvs that anyone might be interested in: please holler if there's anything else you're missing.

In non-Lisp news, yesterday I fulfilled my New Year's Resolution no. 6 and perhaps also number 7. Two hours doesn't sound like a great time, but the winner got 1:35 and I think his usual marathon time is more like 1:15-1:20, so my excuse will be (a) vicious headwind, (b) lack of people to draft. I did most of the second half without benefit of a paceline. In short, I'm secretly quite pleased, but I'm not telling anybody that.

Actually, since we're now halfway through 2005, I may as well update on the status of the other resolutions

  1. zilch
  2. also nothing (though the PPC issue looks like it will go away of its own accord longterm)
  3. the texinfo translator got stolen with my last laptop and I haven't thought about it since
  4. well, this one has no measurable targets and is therefore easy
  5. done. although I'm moving soon anyway, so just in time to put all the books back in boxes....

    I'm thinking about selling or otherwise disposing of a whole bunch of said books; presently any fiction book that I've read but haven't reread since last time I moved is up for the chop.

  6. Yup!
  7. I suppose so, yes. Though I have another next week (which is on the Lee Valley Cycle Circuit and probably just as slow by virtue of its hills as Goodwood was due to headwind) and then Berlin in September, which is allegedly much faster.
  8. no
  9. likewise no

Looks like a busy autumn ahead.


Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:48:06 +0000


Latest in the ongoing Zen Micro story:


Oops! After people began installing the firmware update, they began experiencing problems, like the battery dying when the headphones are left plugged in. Creative pulled the update from their Web site, saying that you should re-install the older 1.02.05 if you experience problems.


So, in fixing the bug that made it not charge when plugged into a charger which was already turned on, they managed to add a bug that makes it discharge when the headphones are plugged in. Fucking genius.

Needless to say I find this extremely amusing. That said, I might appreciate the joke even more if I hadn't already done the upgrade (or had or could still find a copy of the previous firmware version).

Still no closer to Resolution 7, I'm afraid#

Wed, 22 Jun 2005 10:58:52 +0000

Still no closer to Resolution 7, I'm afraid. Sunday afternoon was stupidly hot, and having managed to lose count of the number of laps I'd done, get suntan lotion in my eyes, and wear my back wheel down to the plastic core, I decided I had reasonable excuse for stopping when I thought I was about half way through. Turned out I was nearer 2/3 of the way through, but still. Better luck in Berlin.

I've been playing a little with climacs lately. Haven't got much further with it than what you see there, though.

In gadget news, the Zen Micro seems quite happy now it's on firmware 1.02.05. The phone is dead, or at least practially useless: I broke the screen on Saturday when I fell on it (borrowed some 4x100 skates to see what they were like, and tried to crossover turn without paying enough attention to how long the frames were), so I've returned to the Ericsson fold with a T630. It has OBEX, which inclines me favourably towards it already.

Random notes on the CLIM layout protocol, as implemented in McCLIM#

Tue, 28 Jun 2005 01:28:17 +0000

Random notes on the CLIM layout protocol, as implemented in McCLIM.

As you may have guessed from the preceding, largely undirected climacs hacking continues.

I'm not going to say much about the LispNYC Summer of Code stuff,#

Tue, 28 Jun 2005 01:43:51 +0000

I'm not going to say much about the LispNYC Summer of Code stuff, except to note that the final project list is significantly less dumb than some of the proposed projects were, and to congratulate Dirk on getting one for Erlisp. After writing the SBCL socket stuff and trivial sockets, I feel required to have an opinion on "Lisp Sockets", though.