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Cracking over the papers#

Fri, 30 Aug 2019 11:19:35 +0000

One of the several billion things that needs sorting in our new house is a filing system for all the paper junk we get sent that we don't immediately need to deal with but probably shouldn't throw away: bills, PAYE coding notices, letters from the council, bank statements etc. After some thought and thanks to @antifuchs alerting me to the existence of the Paperless project I decided to go digital. Recommend.

Notes, in the order they occur to me

    services.paperless = {
      enable = true;
      extraConfig = {

sudo -u scanner scanimage --format png --batch=/var/spool/scans/$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S)Z_p%04d.png  --resolution 300 --source 'ADF Duplex'

where scanner is the username that paperless is running as and /var/spool/scans/ is where I arbitrarily decided the consumption directory should be. I scan to png not pdf because scanimage was silently failing to convert to pdf and instead leaving the files as pbm images. (1) pbm images are huge; (2) pbm images files with .pdf suffixes confuse the paperless web frontend and they confuse me too. I would like to automate this so it runs whenever I (or a family member) presses the "scan" button on the scanner itself, but haven't got that far yet. scanbd will probably do it but seems excessively featureful for my needs.

[dan@loaclhost:~]$ systemctl cat paperless-consumer.service| grep 'ExecStart='
ExecStart=/nix/store/2jaqzp6yhqwb2p0vs93whkwj0r0jf509-paperless document_consumer
[dan@loaclhost:~]$ sudo -u scanner /nix/store/2jaqzp6yhqwb2p0vs93whkwj0r0jf509-paperless document_correspondents