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Did I mention I got new skates#

Sun, 11 Sep 2005 22:34:11 +0000

Did I mention I got new skates? No, it appears that I just mentioned I was borrowing them. Well, after a few one-hour sessions on the Serpentine Road without reducing my feet to hamburger (in fact, they get more comfortable after the first few minutes - probably as the leather warms up) I decided I might as well go for it. Now all I have to do is learn to use them, and preferably in the next two weeks (Berlin is the weekend of the 24th).

Rained-off Rollerstroll was rescheduled for two weeks later (28th August) and went ahead on that date without loss of life or serious injury that I knew of, so I rate it as successful. Then I went out for some celebratory falling-down juice, and, er, fell down. Some skin missing from elbow, but more embarrassing than painful.

Two thirds of the way nearer to having finished moving house: rented small van to retrieve stuff from garage of previous flat (it's only five miles away, I figured I'd rather have something easy to park and do multiple trips if necessary) and transferred two vanloads which comprise pretty much all my possessions except for the various bits of furniture (bookcases, cd racks, and a table) they they go in/on. Then the garage padlock jammed leaving me unable to get the rest. So, I am no longer in a very bare flat, I am in a flat surrounded by boxes of all my stuff.

Still haven't worked out what's up with my wireless AP dropping the connection periodically, except that iwlist eth1 scan is a less-invasive way to kick it than ifdown/ifup

Occult v.tr. 1. To conceal or cause to disappear from view. 2. Astronomy. To conceal by occultation: The moon occulted Mars.

OCCLT n. A vague half-arsed attempt at writing a window manager with CLX. Presently works(sic) for xeyes, xlogo and emacs, but doesn't support enough iccccccccm to map an xterm in any way that makes it actually visible. And, er, has no actual window management support yet (e.g. for choosing where on the screen they go, or moving or resizing them, etc). Name chosen because, well, it's a bit like an eclipse.

(I anticipate writing a lot more about skating in the near future, and not a lot more regularly about Lisp. Planet Lisp readers will however be relieved to hear that I anticipate also to be splitting the two into separate RSS feeds first)