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Building Clojure projects with Nix#

Sat, 19 Aug 2017 23:23:07 +0000

Way back in May, or "the previous entry" as we like to call it in Telent Blog Time, I said

[using mvn2nix] doesn't actually work for Clojure/Leiningen projects. Look out for another blog entry soon that describes a whole completely different approach you can use there.

and then it turned out not to work, and then I thought I'd found a different approach, and then I got distracted, and then $WORK Happened, and, you know, Events. But here is an account of one way you can do it (at least, It Worked For Me) and some things I think I remember about the dead-ends I hit along the way.

Starting with the conclusion


Try it. Send feedback

Why Leiningen didn't work

What we planned to do with Leiningen was not completely dissimilar. At "release time" we were going to

then at "deploy time",

The trouble with that was that Leiningen appears to want to do dependency resolution all over again whenever it's run, which means that we had to download not only the required jar but in some cases one or more older versions too, just so it can persuade itself it has the right versions.

Kick me harder

Then I tried converting it to use boot. On the face of it this should be much simpler because boot has a rather lovely with-cp task which lets one explicitly specify the CLASSPATH. In practice, though, boot itself wants to auto-update and install stuff in $HOME which is a problem for NixOS autobuilders which run in a context where $HOME is set to a non-existent directory.

I'm still using boot in development and to provide the scaffolding for the bit of code that creates the json file (I made it a boot task), but I can't use it to do the production build.

Next up, use NixOps to creat the rest of the machine on which the app is going to run