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Enotomotomy, Trivial Sockets and Bordeaux-MP added to telent darcs#

Mon, 13 Jun 2005 11:20:17 +0000

Enotomotomy, Trivial Sockets and Bordeaux-MP added to telent darcs. I think this is probably all of the code from telent cvs that anyone might be interested in: please holler if there's anything else you're missing.

In non-Lisp news, yesterday I fulfilled my New Year's Resolution no. 6 and perhaps also number 7. Two hours doesn't sound like a great time, but the winner got 1:35 and I think his usual marathon time is more like 1:15-1:20, so my excuse will be (a) vicious headwind, (b) lack of people to draft. I did most of the second half without benefit of a paceline. In short, I'm secretly quite pleased, but I'm not telling anybody that.

Actually, since we're now halfway through 2005, I may as well update on the status of the other resolutions

  1. zilch
  2. also nothing (though the PPC issue looks like it will go away of its own accord longterm)
  3. the texinfo translator got stolen with my last laptop and I haven't thought about it since
  4. well, this one has no measurable targets and is therefore easy
  5. done. although I'm moving soon anyway, so just in time to put all the books back in boxes....

    I'm thinking about selling or otherwise disposing of a whole bunch of said books; presently any fiction book that I've read but haven't reread since last time I moved is up for the chop.

  6. Yup!
  7. I suppose so, yes. Though I have another next week (which is on the Lee Valley Cycle Circuit and probably just as slow by virtue of its hills as Goodwood was due to headwind) and then Berlin in September, which is allegedly much faster.
  8. no
  9. likewise no

Looks like a busy autumn ahead.