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Little Nix#

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 00:50:01 +0000

In short, because There is Little To Relate and the Hour Is Late:

I don't have much to expound on here because nixwrt has taken a back seat to $dayjob and family this week, The only things I feel I should point out (because Pages I Have Googled are by and large not very good at pointing them out) is that if you ever get a message

mount: mounting tmpfs on /run failed: Invalid argument

it may well be because you didn't enable CONFIG_TMPFS when building the kernel, and if you get

tmpfs: No value for mount option 'defaults'

then ... actually I don't know what the correct way to deal with this one is, but the pragmatic response is to edit /etc/fstab and replace defaults with rw. Works For Me.

Hopefully next week some actual news.