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New Araneida finally out of the door#

Mon, 10 Nov 2003 05:25:22 +0000

New Araneida finally out of the door.

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Araneida 0.80 has been released to ftp.linux.org.uk and is now making its way to whichever CCLAN mirrors are actually still maintained. From the release notes:

  • New HTTP-LISTENER abstraction drastically improves the threaded variant of Araneida, and also replaces a lot of older ad-hocky code and global variables. The following are at least obsolete, and may not even exist any more

- The 'server' stuff: export-server etc - root-handler - install-{thread,serve-event}-handlers, remove-handlers

  • Raising HTTP errors from handlers is now accomplished in a far cleaner fashion, by signalling CL conditions. (This also means that parent handlers may handle these conditions to provide e.g. custom 404 pages). A condition exists for each 4xx and 5xx HTTP response code

  • Add REFRESH header to REQUEST-SEND-HEADERS; sends the not-quite-HTTP 'Refresh: ' header (really, not part of HTTP/1.0 or 1.1: it appears to have been a Netscape extension)

  • Fix packaging problem in 0.72

  • ... and even compiles (in fact, only compiles) in current SBCL versions

This version of Araneida requires source code changes in your application - although not terribly pervasive ones; unless there are vastly more Araneida users than I'm aware of, I felt it would be quicker for users to update their configuration than for me to provice legacy compatibility routines. There is a complete and working example of Araneida configuration in doc/example.lisp: it should be about three lines for most people.

Feedback appreciated.



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Yay. I can probably go to bed now.