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Favourite recently-bought CD: Supergrass, Life On Other#

Thu, 24 Oct 2002 20:59:31 +0000

Favourite recently-bought CD: Supergrass, Life On Other Planets. I never really got into their previous stuff, perhaps because I didn't have the albums, and saturation play of 'Alright' was never really going to give me a balanced view. This one reminds me of the Super Furry Animals - although less Welsh, obviously.

Least favourite recently-bought CD: Gary Moore, Blues and Ballads (or something. A greatest hits collection of some kind). I bought it in Athens airport on the strength of a vague 15-year-old recollection of "Still Got The Blue" as having blues guitar of some kind on it, and assumption that Mr Moore was therefore a blues player. Oops. It's MOR, and it's derivative MOR with the most painfully embarrassingly tedious lyrics I have ever seen an artist have the temerity to print on the sleeve. Actually, to be strictly honest I've only managed to listen to a track and a half so far; there's always the possibility it gets better.

Most recently-bought CD: Rolling Stones, Forty Licks. There is something extraordinarily powerful about the intro to `Gimme Shelter': I don't know how much of it is intrinsic in the music and how much is the anticipation from having heard it before and recognising what happens next, but it really does rock.