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Led astray#

Sat, 30 Jan 2021 13:46:06 +0000

There are probably better ways to satisfy the need for a wall light than

The led strip came from my Christmas lights, as did the circuit - now transferred from breadboard to a more permanent soldered stripboard. The Arduino sketch, known as Dolores ("do lo-res") is all new, though, and parts of it (the bits that are plain C++ not Arduino code) are even unit-tested.

Perhaps worth noting

But now I can send it any picture I like. Here's a digital clock -

while sleep 2 ; do \
  ( convert -support .5 -depth 8 -fill red \
            -font DejaVu-Sans-Condensed -pointsize 7 -size 15x10! \
	    -draw "text 0,7 '$(date +%H%M)'" -sharpen 8 'xc:#333'  RGB:- | \
    tee out.rgb | \
    nix run nixos.mosquitto -c mosquitto_pub  -h mymqttserver.lan \
    	    		         -s --username username --pw password  \
				 -t effects/84F3EBE5E57C/image ) ; \