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Revisiting Clojure Nix packaging#

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 12:43:27 +0000

Slightly over a year ago I wrote about how to build a Clojure project with Nix and this week I had occasion to refer back to it because I want to have a production-style dogfood build of Epsilon

It's a bit simpler now than it was then, because in the intervening time Clojure has added Deps and CLI tools which gives us a simple readable EDN file in which we can list our project's immediate dependencies (see here deps.edn for Epsilon ) and a function resolve-deps that we can call to get the transitive dependencies

We embed this function call into a script which dumps a JSON file with the same information, and then whenever we add or update deps.edn we run

$ CLJ_CONFIG=. CLJ_CACHE=. nix-shell -p clojure jre --run \
 "clojure -R:build -C:build -Srepro  -Sforce  -m nixtract generated/nix-deps.json"

(Note that the clojure command will fail silently if it cannot find a java runtime on the path, or if the current directory contains a malformed deps.edn file. Each of these problems took me a while to find - I tell you this so that you may learn from my mistakes)

The second half of the puzzle - build time - is not much changed from how we did it last time around, though I did take the opportunity to make it use the generic builder instead of making its own builder.sh.

Probably I should point out that this downloads all the dependencies into /nix/store as JARs and builds a classpath so the JRE can find them - it doesn't make an uberjar. This fits my current use case, because I want to run it on a NixOS box and separate jars provides at least the possibility that some of them might be shared by more than one app. I will obviously have to come back to this if/when I need to build an uberjar for distribution.

Also, if you are doing advanced things with CLJS external libraries (like, Node dependencies and stuff) then this will not help and you are on your own. There is a name for the (CL)JS dependency ecosystem, it's a compound word in which the first part is the collective noun for a collection of stars, and the second part rhymes with "duck"