diary at Telent Netowrks

The GL(.Inet) has landed#

Tue, 10 Apr 2018 22:57:27 +0000

See subject. Most of the work this last week has been moving things around in the hope of making it possible to support more than one device, and then merging the gl-mt300a branch into master (nitpick: for reasons I can't remember and are unlikely to be convincing, the primary development branch is actually called nixwrt not master. Probably something to do with git filter-branch)

This breaks the Yun code that was previously there, because "possible" and "actually implemented" are two different things. But I am not using it, I am pretty certain nobody else is either, and at least now I can see how to fix it.

I have added a targetBoard argument which will soon allow choice of mt300a, yun or malta (that last one for qemu), so the build command is presently:

nix-build -I nixpkgs=../nixpkgs-for-nixwrt/ backuphost.nix \
  -A tftproot --argstr targetBoard mt300a -o mt300a 

I have added a `swconfig` invocation to the monit config so that networking comes up. I've done it in a totally hacky way until I decide how to represent the switch in configuration, but that might involve learning how the damn thing works.

That's about all for now, save to say that yesterday I went to the NixOS London meetup which in the event did not involve an install party (everyone present had installed it already) but did involve some interesting conversations, learning something about overlays and giving a quick demo of NixWRT so far. Albeit that I was demonstrating by ssh back to my hardware at home : no actual hardware at the venue that could be waved around or kicked. I had intended to do something a bit more visual but thought better of it when I realised how much of my home kit I'd have to unplug. Next time, definitely.