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Clojure on company time / my first cljs#

Fri, 18 Oct 2013 10:18:34 +0000

From: Daniel Barlow 
To: london-clojurians 

A few weeks ago I foolishly volunteered to give a "this is what I remember about functional programming" lunchtime talk for our company-internal "Level Up" informal training sessions: the material being a combination of what I learned at university many years ago and since have largely forgotten[*], with the slightly more practical stuff I've since picked up working with CL and Clojure.

So the presentation was yesterday, and seemed to be well received inasmuch as at least nobody walked out: I spent 25 minutes blethering with some slides, and then we did 4clojure problems for the rest of the hour.

  • I wrote some presentation software for the occasion: https://github.com/telent/schuko which is also my first use of cljs outside of a dojo setting. Shows up that I really need to investigate some more functional patterns for DOM/event-driven CLJS systems, because what I've done there really doesn't feel Lispy. Feedback welcome

I make no particular claim to correctness, completeness, or purity of thought, and the bits about normal-order evaluation probably don't make a lot of sense because they're written in Clojure syntax yet don't work in Clojure because it (usually, by default) has strict evaluation - but I cast this out to the wider world (that's you guys) in case you find it useful anyway in your own evangelising


[*] Bless you, Bird & Wadler