diary at Telent Netowrks

Sadly, rain stopped play#

Mon, 15 Aug 2005 16:52:22 +0000

Sadly, rain stopped play. Or at least, the forecast threat of it was serious enough that we cancelled the Rollerstroll (no link as web site is a useless Flash thing) yesterday and instead went out for an impromptu skate down by the river and then up and down Pentonville Rise. Happily in a way we did get rained on, thus vindicating the "no go" decision for the official skate.

New skates! Currently borrowing a pair of these attached to these: only been out on them twice and they do seem to require a significantly different technique than xmax. Which is not a surprise, really. If I haven't shredded my feet in the next few days - and all the signs so far look promising; a certain amount of ankle rubbing on the left boot that will go away when I manage to get the frame aligned properly - I will be making an offer for the boots (and then have to get some frames of my own for them, but that's a fairly straightforward deal).

After some hacking with Venkman and the Microoft Script Debugger, my Google Maps hack now seems to work in IE as well as Firefox. Firefox won't print polylines when I ask for a hardcopy, though, which is annoying.

What else? A full factory reset of my DG834G seemed to improve wireless stability a lot, but it still manages to drop off the net after about five days and I still don't know why. Changing the frequency from the admin interface was enough to kick it back into life. Also even when it does work, something is not right with the DHCP: the router's DHCP server issues addresses with a 12 hour lease, and either it refuses renewal requests or Linux doesn't make renewal requests, so ... gah.