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Work continues on trying to make my phone behave#

Mon, 23 May 2005 22:20:01 +0000

Work continues on trying to make my phone behave. I missed a bunch of calls on Sunday because I diodn't notice it vibrating while I was skating, so today I thought I'd sort out a nice mp3 ringtone. So that I remember for next time, and in case Google ever leads other similarly-afflicted people here (magic keywords: v220 mp3 ringtone p2k), the procedure is as follows:

  1. Create a suitable mp3. Actually, I just took one I had handy and used dd to chop the first twenty seconds; when I have a moment I'll go back and do some fancy editing and eq, and possibly recode it at a lower rate.

  2. Upload it to the phone's /a/mobile/audio/ directory.

  3. (important) Delete MyToneDB.db, which you will find in the same directory. It's probably a good idea to back that file up somewhere first.

  4. When you go to Themes -> Sounds on the phone now, it will sit there with a "please wait" dialog for longer than usual (several tens of seconds, on my phone) - I assume it's rebuilding the MyToneDB file - then show your new upload along with all the crummy default rings.

  5. Press the Menu button then 'Apply as Ring Tone'

  6. There may be a power cycle involved somewhere as well (yay, feels just like Windows). Or maybe that bit wasn't necessary.

Disclaimer: no warranty/this worked for me - it might not work for you/if it breaks your phone, you get to keep both pieces. Well, probably they really belong to your network provider or something, but I want no part of it anyway.