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Latest on cvs.telent.net: I plan to move to darcs#

Mon, 23 May 2005 01:48:44 +0000

Latest on cvs.telent.net: I plan to move to darcs.

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Subject: Telent CVS broken (again), likely move to darcs
From: Daniel Barlow 

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cvs.telent.net, the machine that does (did ...) CVS hosting for - among other things - Araneida, CLiki, and "telent CLX", is currently down with suspected hardware problems.

My time and inclination for babysitting flakey hardware in colo space is limited, but also, as many have noted, my record of late for hacking on and merging patches to these projects is pretty poor anyway. I intend, therefore, to move the said projects over to darcs


This is one of the new breed of cvs-replacement version control systems, with two important features from my perspective:

1) it's decentralised, so people can keep their own trees with local patches in them, and worry less about getting changes through me. If anyone does a really good job (or indeed, a consistently better-than-indifferent job) at patch merging and ongoing development for any of the formerly-at-cvs.telent.net projects, I will be entirely happy to hand over the "official" mantle to them.

2) it needs no special server support, so I don't have to worry about finding a replacement machine for cvs.telent.net (call me paranoid, but even chrooted I don't like running cvs pserver on any machine that's used for something else)

cvs.telent.net is unlikely to return to service. If anyone had an account on it with data in their home directory, (a) well, you probably shouldn't have done that, but (b) feel free to email me and we'll make some kind of arrangement to get it off there.

I hope this should make things run a bit more smoothly in future. More details when I've had a chance to upload the repositories somewhere accessible.