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I must start diary entries with shorter sentences#

Tue, 17 May 2005 18:13:53 +0000

I must start diary entries with shorter sentences. That or do something sensible with my rss generator such that Planet Lisp doesn't get really ugly titles, but that would involve hacking and we all know I don't do that any more

The Awesome Power of Open Source came through for me in the end: I eventually found an app called moto4lin on Sourceforge which - after some smacking with the gdbhammer, as the error messages are not really conducive to working out what on earth it's trying to do - lets me download pictures and other files on my v220 in Linux.

void P2kProc::drv_switchP2K(char * st)
        char cmd[1024];
        sprintf(cmd,"echo \"AT+MODE=8\" > %s", (st == 0) ? ACMdev : st);

I'm pretty sure that even C++ has enough library support that you could do this without recourse to the shell, but leaving aside the slightly questionable style, AT+MODE=8 has a truly magical effect on a v220 - it causes it to stop being a tty, change its USB product id, and start presenting some probably-motorola-proprietary "P2K" interface to USB, which the moto4lin program will understand. Then I can browse the filesystem and also do SEEM editing, which latter sounds potentially irreversible so I have decided not to bother with until I have some idea what on earth it is.

How to get it out of this P2K mode again, other than by disconnecting the USB cable, I don't yet know. There's no longer any tty to which I can issue AT+MODE=0

The picture quality is exactly as bad as I was expecting, by the way. Still, nice gimmick.