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I don't think I've mentioned skating yet all year#

Tue, 08 Feb 2005 00:58:28 +0000

I don't think I've mentioned skating yet all year. Well, I've been skating. Lots. Um. I joined the Londonskaters Speed Team, so some of that skating could even be dignified with the name "training".

Here, in case you cared, are two graphs derived (by gpsman: I haven't resuscitated gpskate yet as I want to get a working threaded sbcl on my dekstop for it first) from my gps data on evenings last week:

This is a so-called "Long Slow Skate" from last Wednesday: ten laps of a loop concentrating on different aspects of technique on each lap. You only see 9 and a half here as the gps is slow to get a fix while moving, and it was too cold to stop.

This is the log from marshalling the Friday Night Skate two days later.

You will observe