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Happy 2005#

Sun, 02 Jan 2005 23:17:26 +0000

Happy 2005. I could do the end-of-year roundup, but my lisp hacking exploits this past year have been infrequent enough that the last twelve months diary entries are short enough not to need summary. Or I could do predictions for next year, but I tried that last year with results which were on the whole undistinguished. So, well, let's just qspeculate on what I'd like to do this year:

  1. Something with McCLIM, probably involving GPS tracks. That's CLIM application programming, not McCLIM internals hacking, as far as I can avoid it. (More on CLIM later; I had a useful conversation with Andy Hefner yesterday, so we'll see if I can write up the conclusions without misrepresenting him too badly)

  2. SBCL-wise, (i) replace fd-streams with something I can understand and have some reasonable confidence in, (ii) whatever other thread/runtime-related stuff imposes itself on me. If it sounds like I'm winding down a bit on SBCL here, I must point out that (a) realistically, I did that already, (b) it works pretty well these days, and with all the other people hacking it doesn't really need my further meddling. I reserve the right to change my mind on this if Apple bring out a laptop that I like (small, thin, light, 1024x768 and feel free to leave out the cd/dvd player to assist in these aims) and can afford (cheap, and ideally also cheap), because then I'll need threads on PPC.

  3. Finish my texinfo translator and hack up some useful texinfo warp-to-symbol-documentation infrastructure stuff for asdf/circle/slime/thingy.

  4. Follow the progress of Climacs with interest. Apart from anything else, it's the most likely vehicle for using lisp at work that I'm going to see for a while.

  5. Buy and/or make (how hard can it be? please don't mail me about jwz's plumbing store special, I've already seen that) some bookshelves, and reclaim some parts of the floor in here that I haven't seen for most of a year now.

  6. Skate a marathon.

  7. Skate a marathon in a time I'm not ashamed of (although I haven't decided what this time will be yet)

  8. Start cycling to work again.

  9. Spend more time with my guitar (another pursuit which suffered in 2004). Perhaps even learn to play it ...