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I swapped a few of the links in this page's header around#

Fri, 03 Sep 2004 16:11:38 +0000

I swapped a few of the links in this page's header around. No major changes, but I wanted to include Planet Lisp and remove some of the blogs that I read through that aggregator anyway, so don't feel unloved if you're no longer linked. Temporarily fixed my RSS feed, too - it'll last until I restart that process, by which time I hope I will have working CVS again and therefore have fixed it permanently.

Latest news on cvs.telent.net: returns in full effect next week, we hope. I'm not going to blog about work on principle (self-preservation principle, mostly) but we've been moving offices, so this has been a busy week. It's also been a pretty stunning week weather-wise, so I've been attempting to make the most of that by getting outside: now I have a skin deficit on both elbows, my knees creak alarmingly until I've warmed them up by skating a couple of miles, and my leg hurts. Oh, yeah, and my shoulder is better but still not actually well. Truly I am on peak form for the marathon.