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I should have written about "Fast User-extensible Streams" before#

Tue, 28 Sep 2004 00:06:25 +0000

I should have written about "Fast User-extensible Streams" before. This is currently all just handwaving, and its intended goal is as a stream substrate for SBCL (replacing fd-streams) rather than to become a standard. There's an sbcl-internals cliki page where you can find a pointer to wherever the latest draft is living, and comment on it.

To save myself the trouble of writing a third entry - and you the trouble of reading it - I may as well add here that my leg though not actually right again is sufficiently better that I can walk at normal speeds with only a slight ache, and descend stairs in merely moderate discomfort. I have a newfound admiration for anyone who loses the use of one or more legs more seriously than I did, and add that unless you've had an injury of that kind and know this experience, you have no idea how much enjoyment I'm getting from the pursuit of such simple pleasures as being able to walk around again without being overtaken by grannies all the time. Crippled-no-more.