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A month or so ago I remapped my#

Sat, 18 Sep 2004 21:41:55 +0000

A month or so ago I remapped my keyboard to swap control and caps lock, in the hope of reducing the unpleasant sensation I was getting in my wrist when chording control key sequences. Shortly after mentioning this to my boss, my work machine suddenly acquired a so-called "Natural Keyboard", so it's hard to tell exactly what difference which change made. Of course, that evening I went out and stacked skating which didn't really help any effort to determine cause and effect either. But anyway.

Having rather more recently got my desktop machine at home working again (needed new hard disk, and some furniture shuffling to create a space to use it) I find that the split keyboard really does make a difference to my typing comfort, and have had to order one. Sigh. So, if anyone's keeping track, please cons another on the "I hate all Microsoft software but they do make (or OEM, whatever) some nice hardware" list.