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Fell over#

Sat, 07 Aug 2004 12:23:01 +0000

Fell over.

Yes, indeed. In my devotion to providing you the reader with a constant stream of drivel to read here, I tripped while skating through the underpass last night when someone fell in front of me. Lost some few square inches of skin from my left elbow, ruined a tshirt, and fortuitously for blogging purposes managed to damage my shoulder in some way that makes it hurt when I raise my arm. Yes, again. Other shoulder this time, though. So, expect lots of entries typed partly onehanded with unnecessary details about bruise sizes.

Actually, I can't see any bruising yet. Thi might just be because it hasn't had time to develop yet, or I fell in some way that didn't involve a bruise, or my messing about with compression and random items from the freezer actually had an effect.

Oh well. It upstages wrist twinges, however you look at it.