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I found today what seems to be the only arm movement that still makes#

Mon, 24 May 2004 22:05:43 +0000

I found today what seems to be the only arm movement that still makes my shoulder hurt: pumping bicycle tyres. What's interesting, though, is that (a few hours later) both of my shoulders now ache, not just the right one. I'm probably carrying my neck in a funny way to avoid pulling something, and thereby stretching something else. Or something. That's handwaving, albeit fairly cautious handwaving in case I set something else off.

Araneida 0.85 is out. Its release received almost no publicity, because to be honest there wasn't much new in it. The next release of Araneida, however, is rumoured to include support for OpenMCL and Allegro (and possibly also, it's rumoured, ABCL). At least, I've given Brian CVS commit access, so I hope it will :-)

Why is there apparently no open source icalendar server? My conjecture is that the specification is in some way stupidly complex. So, what about subsetting it? My mobile phone claims to understand either icalendar or vcalendar (I forget which); if they can build calendaring into such a terminally dumb device as that, surely it's not impossible to do a reasonable subsetted implementation of icalendar as open source, then rely on network effects to make it a universal pidgin. But what's an appropriate subset?