diary at Telent Netowrks

So, it looks like I have somewhere to live in London#

Tue, 09 Mar 2004 15:11:10 +0000

So, it looks like I have somewhere to live in London. Which is a weight off my mind, because I no longer have somewhere to live in Oxford after next week (and though I might possibly be able to get away with sleeeping under my desk for a few days, I think people would get rapidly annoyed if I moved all my books, cds and computers in here as well)

A couple of people probably had error messages from CLiki last night complaining about read-only file systems. This was some kind of ext3 error, as a result of which I lost my 360 day uptime. Aw. Note that during the course of that year and a bit I did many things to the system which may not have come up cleanly on boot: while I believe it's all working and happy again, if you see any behaviours more odd than usual from it, drop me email.

(CLiki posting was fixed as of about five minutes ago, so don't email me if you last tried it previous to that)