diary at Telent Netowrks

Bought two new ATX power supplies; one for my usual desktop box,#

Tue, 30 Mar 2004 04:47:25 +0000

Bought two new ATX power supplies; one for my usual desktop box, and the other for the Alpha. In principle this means I now have a comfortable machine to resume hacking sbcl amd64 on, and I have a new (old) loaclhost.telent.net which will host telent cvs (clx, araneida, cliki, etc). The plan is that my wonderful employers put it on their freebie-hosting-for-employee-boxen network.

Slowly rewriting the threading section of the SBCL Manual. (a) in texinfo, to see what it's like; (b) in English, so that other people may see what it's like

Suffering from cold-type-thing on Friday: sore throat, headache, etc, so took tube home instead of riding. Feeling better by Sunday, so went skating. Much fun, albeit at a slightly slower pace than I'd been commuting in previous weeks. So, I'm going to try at least the first half of the Friday Night Skate this week. (If you're reading this and likely to be there on Friday or Sunday, drop me an email and I'll wear something distinctive like my purple SICP tshirt).

Lost again on way home from work today. Careful examination of the junction where I should have turned right, if I were riding my morning route in reverse, revealed that it was a one-way street. So, wandered a little further up the road, found another right turn, rode aimlessly for a while. Eventually pointed myself in the right direction with the aid of a couple of maps in convenient bus shelters. Less lost than Thursday, but extra time with an A-Z will still be required

It's now 0:26am. If this entry comes out dated at 5am, blame the rtc/apm handling in Linux 2.6, which has a nasty intermittent tendency to decide that it can get through two seconds in as long as it takes the wall clock to dispatch just one. In the fact of that kind of drift, ntp just curls into a foetal position and whimpers.