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The latest iteration of my standard c.l.l rant:#

Thu, 26 Feb 2004 23:35:07 +0000

The latest iteration of my standard c.l.l rant:

> It's a business advantage when other people don't use "better" 
> programming languages.

Meanwhile it's a quality-of-life disadvantage for every software system you use but are not in competition with the suppliers of. I regularly use or am affected by the workings of many many more computer systems than I have any hope of personally reimplementing in Lisp, and every time one of them fucks up it affects me.

When I can find Lisp-using alternatives for my desktop software, all the web sites I visit regularly, my bank, my government, the utilities that provide my gas, electricity, and telephone service, the shops I buy groceries from, the airlines and travel agents who organise my vacations and business travel, and all the thousands of other computer users who impact on my daily life, then I'll buy this "popularity doesn't matter" argument. Until then, I have to (and for that matter, choose to) exist in a social environment, and I suspect that the same is true even for entrepreneurs.