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AMD64 SBCL now builds 50-odd files before running into an array type#

Mon, 02 Feb 2004 13:21:02 +0000

AMD64 SBCL now builds 50-odd files before running into an array type problem. Said files are doubtless still riddled with garbage; the easiest way to see the disassembled output will be to get all the way through make-host-2 (building the target compiler) then starting up the the new runtime with the cold core thus generated, so I'm not worrying about that just now. There is a disassembler in SBCL, but it's no more likely to be correct than the assembler is, so let's hope gdb on linux x86-64 is up to the standard of gdb on linux x86 as opposed to the less well-supported platforms like, ooh, almost anything else it claims to run on.

Anyone reading this whose workday is in large part concerned with gdb on Linux x86 may be forgiven for wondering if I've been drinking. As it happens, I've been drinking "Bat-currant Ribena" (the carton has a disclaimer on it saying "does not contain real bat", which is reasonable as they're a protected species), but that's not relevant: let me assure you that the contrast with, say, linux alpha (tru64 alpha is even worse) is readily apparent.

I watched "A Life Less Ordinary" on tv last night. If I had the year 1997 all over again, I'd have paid more attention to the music.