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It was a fixup problem (again)#

Mon, 16 Feb 2004 09:50:25 +0000

It was a fixup problem (again). Having successfully proved that there was nowhere I was writing #x47, but that said octet nevertheless appeared in the output, there were only as many suspects as there were places that rewrite bits of the generated code before it's dumped.

I found that out about a week ago, and haven't looked at AMD64 since, owing to being absurdly busy - mostly busy sitting on public transport journeying to and from London, admittedly, but with a laptop that (a) runs for about 40 minutes on a full battery, (b) isn't amd64 anyway, that's basically just downtime.

Job continues fine. Weekend consumed mostly by araneida/postgresql performance experimentation (I'd like to say "tuning", but that implies a goal and a sense of direction largely absent from my meanderings)