diary at Telent Netowrks

Merry CLIMmas everybody#

Tue, 28 Dec 2004 21:41:24 +0000

Merry CLIMmas everybody. I'll readily concede that this doesn't look so different from the one in my earlier entry - except for being in colour (and not being upside down) - but it's got most of a clim app surrounding it now instead of just being a one-liner that co-opts the Listener. The argument you see in the interactor pane is me trying to find out why the scroll bars don't.

(The colour indicates speed, from red=stopped or very slow, though to violet=probably quite fast. I don't have a good conversion from lat:long to metres yet, so I don't know how fast. I find it interesting that all the little red dots show up where I stopped to block traffic as the skate went past - I wonder if we could find out more interesting stuff if it indicated the length of each stop somehow (progressively bigger red dots?)).

Planet Lisp readers will have seen the coverage four days ago when I started asking about which CLIM resources are worth reading: for reference, I got this far mostly just using the spec (which is in the Spec/ directory in mcclim cvs) and spare parts from my never-actually-happened (and no-longer-needed-now-i-have-a-real-job) bookkeeping app from last year. As compared to last year, it seems moderately snappy even on the same hardware that I had then, and isn't suffering the refresh/hanging problems I apparently was labouring with then either. Way to go, mcclim developers.

In passing, I just spent four days away from the Internet (Christmas with parents, who have a dialup which I was mostly avoiding using) and as a result no need/incentive to run a web browser. It's an odd but rather nice experience.