diary at Telent Netowrks

texinfo.lisp, albeit not in any particularly useful form yet#

Thu, 18 Nov 2004 01:41:48 +0000

  1. <END-OF-FILE {9D1AE91}> CL-USER> (describe (gethash "Error handling" all-nodes))
  2. <INFO-NODE {9CDD449}> is an instance of class #<STANDARD-CLASS INFO-NODE>. The following slots have :INSTANCE allocation: BODY ((("?" "chapter")) "Error handling " (("?" "findex")) "SYSTEM-DEFINITION-ERROR " (("?" "findex")) "OPERATION-ERROR

It is an error to define a system incorrectly: an implementation may detect this and signal a generalised instance of " ((:CODE "SYSTEM-DEFINITION-ERROR")) ".

Operations may go wrong (for example when source files contain errors). These are signalled using generalised instances of " ((:CODE "OPERATION-ERROR")) ".

") MENU "unbound" UP "Top" PREV "The object model of asdf" NEXT "Compilation error and warning handling" NAME "Error handling" ; No value

Still have to do conditionals, macro definition and alias stuff, plus there's a ton of work left adding definitions for uninteresting commands, then I need to think of some way to get the data out into one or more useful formats. Said formats will almost certainly include HTML (yes, I know about texi2html; no, it does not produce the kind of HTML that I want), and I may even do a CLIM backend too.