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What a fun day I've had#

Tue, 16 Nov 2004 19:13:32 +0000

What a fun day I've had.

  1. Perl's global destructors coexist really badly with fork(), because they run when the child exits as well as when the parent exits. This is a problem when you have e.g. DBI database handles open in the parent and fork off a process to do something transient: when it's done, it closes them for you. Even if your child does abolutely nothing involving databases in any way (let's say, for example, it's part of an unrelated library), the approved workaround is apparently for it to set $dbh->{InactiveClose}=1 for every database handle in the app. How it gets to know what all those handles are, I don't know.

    What depresses me is that this problem comes up repeatedly on the DBI mailing lists and I can't see why it should not that hard to fix. (1) Decree that a child may not use database handles which were opened by the parent (it's already dodgy behaviour as it doesn't work in e.g. DBD::Oracle) (2) enforce this by storing the pid of the process that called connect() in the database handle, and checking it on subsequent accesses, (3) in the DESTROY method, skip the destruction if we didn't do the creation.

  2. SOAP and SOAP::Lite entirely reinforce my belief that any variation on "Simple" or "Lightweight" in the name of a protocol, library or other software product is to be be treated with the same suspicion as "People's" or "Democratic" in the name of a country. What addlewitted crackpate came up with WSDL?

I was going to write a whole lot more in this vein, but you'd find it as boring to read as I found it infuriating to, er, find.

In other news, though, (SBCL|telent|portable) CLX 0.6 released.