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Since we're talking about SBCL 1.0, my 2p#

Thu, 28 Oct 2004 21:17:13 +0000

Since we're talking about SBCL 1.0, my 2p. This is my personal wishlist for things I want to make happen between now and 1.0 - or at least, for interfaces I am unsatisfied with and would not like to have to retain forever.

  1. extensible streams and stackable stream translations
  2. a socket layer (replacing and/or based on sb-bsd-sockets) in which a stream can be a socket.
  3. hide the sb-threads interface, recommending instead something that deals in the same kinds of objects as bordeaux-mp

I'm also thinking about (or anyway, idly toying with the idea of) writing an extensible texinfo -> foo translator, so that we can easily do things like hyperspec.el for all texinfo documentation. That could be done at any time really, though, and I'm not short on other stuff to do first.