diary at Telent Netowrks

Replacement cpu is here#

Sun, 17 Oct 2004 00:36:12 +0000

Replacement cpu is here. After a short some inspection of the various bits of computer I'd managed to order, I realised that (a) no fan, and (b) motherboard too large to fit the case in which I was planning to install it. Rectified this situation with short trip down Tottenhan Court Road. Put everything together. Worked first time too, good grief.

After reading a little on the difficulty of installing debian amd64 with debootstrap (seems you need to be running a 64 bit kernel to do it successfully) I decided that if I was going to write an ISO I might as well take the opportunity to install Ubuntu.

First impressions, then: installs from a single CD. After a fairly non-taxing text-mode installation (involves one reboot) which automatically found my graphics card, mouse, network and audio, it boots straight up into some form of graphical login screen with a picture (taken from above) of two attractive women and a bloke with no chest hair and better abs than mine. Admittedly, as I have none to speak of that's not really a great description, but they're the kind that would naturally draw the eye if it weren't already being drawn down the tops of the two ladies. After logging in, you get some kind of Gnome desktop with Firefox as default browser. I'm not sure how long I'll stick with it (I'll at least be finding the focus-follows-mouse option if it has one, and installing a real xterm toot sweet) but we'll see how it goes. Expect to see various comments on particularly good/bad aspects in forthcoming days, if it has any, but it does seem pretty slick so far.