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I'm shortly going to be a normal person again#

Fri, 30 Jan 2004 10:13:57 +0000

I'm shortly going to be a normal person again. On the sofa next to me is a written offer letter from clara.net in which they describe a money-making scheme requiring only 40 hours of my time each week in exchange for which they will transfer funds directly into my bank account once a month. Which seems like a pretty neat idea compared to the more usual "do some work, invoice for it, wait a month, phone customer to enquire whereabouts of cheque, wait two weeks, pay cheque into bank" arrangement, and I wonder if it will catch on more widely.

Answers to FAQ: (1) in London. Yes, I probably will move back there. (2) A certain amount of trepidation, but flexitime makes it not so bad, and I can use chemical crutches in the form of unlimited free coffee to cushion the blow. (3) AFAICS the contract doesn't allow it, although it's hard to tell how some of the clauses group: it's written in legal English and there are no commas anywhere. Perhaps it only forbids moonlighting when the business is "competing or tending to compete with the Business of the Company"