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More RSS fun#

Fri, 02 Jan 2004 11:54:46 +0000

More RSS fun. Apparently weblog rss feeds should have items in reverse chronological order, just like the weblogs they syndicate. So, I switched mine around. Also added the first sentence of each item as the item title: this will fall down in cases where my rather poor heuristics for detecting sentences, or in entries where my inverted pyramid has overbalanced. Apologies to anyone using an RSS client which will therefore decide that these are all brand new entries and make them read all my old entries again.

If anyone would like to recommend a GUI RSS aggregator for Linux that's not (a) Straw, or (b) Emacs-based, please feel free. There's nothing particularly wrong with Straw, but I worry whether the debugging messages it spits out from time to time are caused by problems with it or problems with my rss.