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And another thing#

Sun, 06 Apr 2003 03:07:57 +0000

And another thing ...

While I'm grousing, I should add that I'm still not convinced the ALU cliki has developed any kind of identity independent of CLiki itself, and I'm really beginning to wonder why I bothered.

Perhaps I should have countered the people who said "CLiki is restricted to free-software projects, and this is a bad thing; there should be a more general forum for all kinds of Lisp users" by saying "so go and make one". You can't advertise Xanalys LispWorks on www.franz.com, why should you expect to be able to advertise Allegro CL on CLiki?

(I should add here that I don't have either of Franz or Xanalys in mind when I say "these people" - they're just the first two proprietary Lisp vendors that come to mind)

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