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Superfluous link to someone's weblog entry#

Tue, 15 Apr 2003 00:42:43 +0000

Superfluous link to someone's weblog entry

So what did I do this weekend?

On Saturday I missed the GLLUG meeting, but turned up to the pub afterwards.

On Sunday I implemented some bits of the SB-POSIX interface. Knowing that comp.lang.lisp posters from time to time complain about the lack of a standard POSIX interface, I also posted its specification there in the hope of stimulating some discussion about whata standard should look like.. Almost all the discussion I managed to stimulate was about the package name, so I'm lacking any real guidance as to whether people think it otherwise (a) sucks ass, (b) is good enough in all other respects not to need comment, or (c) is fundamentally uninteresting. Ho hum. That said, if I had had a bunch of followups saying "this is really great" I wouldn't have been a lot more pleased about it anyway: "this is really great and I'm going to lobby my vendor to implement it", or "this is really great, and I am a vendor so will implement it" is more what I would consider a positive response. Never mind.

And today, in between telephone calls, I figured out most of how to make RPM automatically get package dependency information from the asdf :depends-on options. So far ...

:; ls

(All this stuff built with Red Hat 8). I want to add araneida, cliki, and maybe the series library to this. I probably want to make it do Debian packages as well (it sort of does already, but it cheats by using alien, so the dependencies are a bit skewed).

  1. 2: "How do I get my hands on this". A: "send me some money". #3: "isn't that against the principles of free software?" A: "no". Details forthcoming (or send email if you can't wait) but if you're new to Lisp, this stuff will save you more time fiddling with badly documented install procedures than you ever spent trying to configure Wine before giving up and buying Crossover Office.