diary at Telent Netowrks

It's looking marginally more believable now#

Wed, 19 Feb 2003 06:31:42 +0000

It's looking marginally more believable now. I stripped all the unix process group stuff I could find, which was wonderfully cathartic

At various important places when we are shortly about to do input (e.g. printing the toplevel prompt, or entering the debugger) we need to check that we own the stream we're going to read from. fd-stream gets a new slot that contains a sb-thread:mutex

MAYBE-WAIT-UNTIL-FOREGROUND-THREAD (bad name) does this for the debugger. For the repl, at the moment we just hook it with something unnamed. That needs fixing

Because it also needed doing, I also rewrote the mutex to use an actual queue (and signals) instead of having each waiting thread sleep a bit and retest and sleep a bit and ... (I broke timeouts in the process. But that can be fixed, we just need to pass timeout info down to sigtimedwait())

There's some fairly icky code duplication between C and Lisp, and a fill-in-the-gaping-hole stub routine for spinlock acquiring on the C side. The ideal here would be to teach Lisp the necessary signal mask manipulation stuff and avoid having to do C at all.

Still need to enable/disable SIGINT handlers when things go into/out of foreground. But first I need some sleep