diary at Telent Netowrks

I have had enough, for the time being, of USB hotplug#

Thu, 06 Nov 2003 04:51:48 +0000

I have had enough, for the time being, of USB hotplug. I cobbled together a plausible though grotesquely kludgey way to do automounting even in the presence of partitioned devices: it's an autofs "program" map which when asked for the device "list" scans /proc/partitions, assuming that /dev/[sh]dan is a partition of [sh]da, and populates subdirectories of symlinks to the actual mountable devices. See, I told you I was ill.

No, the good news is that it's time to put another release of araneida together. The feature that people are actually wanting is that this one will compile cleanly on current SBCL (so you can stop sending me bug reports about sb-unix::sigpipe vs :sigpipe), but the feature I will be foisting on them additionally is that the rather strange export-server thing is gone, along with another few global variables. These days instead you can create an http-listener (which may be threaded or may use serve-event) which does the actual listening-on-a-port business and has a root-handler slot containing the handler to which it dispatches requests. We're also going to be handling reverse-proxied requests a little more correctly: it should now be possible for the front-end box to be on a different hostname as well as a different port number, which wasn't previously the case if my reading of the code is correct (i.e. if it did work it was a coincidence). How it will work is that you install your existing handlers as if you were using the external host, then add a `internal-redirect-handler' (which I haven't thought of a sensible name for yet, much less implemented) for requests to the internal URL: this creates a child request with a suitably rewritten url and dispatches that.

When will it be released? When I've done the redirect handler and ideally also decided where to hang the ssl key/certificate information that used previously to be on the server object.