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So the latest released version of CLiki doesn't work in current SBCL,#

Fri, 28 Nov 2003 04:37:17 +0000

So the latest released version of CLiki doesn't work in current SBCL, and the instructions are out of date w.r.t the current Araneida. Planning to release a new version which fixes both these problems imminently (as in, probably about Monday).

There's also a ton of other changes, which is why I'm preannouncing it. Anyone who wants to play with collaborative content editing this weekend is invited to check it out from CVS: instructions at http://cvs.telent.net/. There's a new example.lisp file which should get you up and running with minimum effort: I'm pretty sure CLiki gets easier to install with every new version.

Bug reports, suggestions, queries welcome. From the NEWS file -

New in CLiki 0.4.1

  • Update README file to correspond to Araneida 0.81, and add example.lisp demonstrating a simple CLiki installation

  • Change CLIKI-INSTANCE class graph. Now we have CLIKI-VIEW as a parent of CLIKI-INSTANCE. The approximate division is that CLIKI-VIEW deals with the visual aspects and CLIKI-INSTANCE deals with updating and saving data

  • CLIKI-SKIN is a new CLIKI-VIEW subclass demonstrating a way to make a second look and feel for an existing cliki.

  • New CLIKI-PAGE-SURROUND method replaces CLIKI-PAGE-HEADER and CLIKI-PAGE-FOOTER. WITH-PAGE-SURROUND macro allows any response handler to reasonably conveniently use the standard surround for some cliki it's associated with

  • New class AUTHED-CLIKI does cookie-based authentication for clikis that you don't want just anyone to edit. Badly, though. Feel free to send patches

  • At last, proper escaping of page pathnames. Page titles may now contain interesting characters like #\#, #\., #\+ etc

If you have any pages stored in files with even mildly interesting names, they will change: what was "Foo Bar" is now "Foo=20Bar", for example. The old names are still read, and updated to new names on SAVE-PAGE (i.e. after edits)

  • #\Space and #\_ are treated as equivalent in page names, just as #\A and #\a are.

  • SAVE-PAGE is now a GF specialkised on CLIKI-VIEW. Might be usable for e.g. database-backed clikis.

  • Bug fix: admin/recent-changes.dat is created if not found

  • Some HTML cleanup

I also fixed the QUIT behaviour of SBCL to be ... well, different again. This probably broke sb-aclrepl and anyone else creating new sessions (ELI, I think), but the good news is that they can replace their old crufty code with new slightly less crufty code.