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Today, in Oxford#

Wed, 26 Nov 2003 22:10:18 +0000

Today, in Oxford

metacircles is now offering per-incident paid-for support for SBCL and related software. Presently this has less to do with actual customer demand and more to do with distracting the people who point to lack of commercial support as a reason not to use free CL predicted customer demand.

There is a fix in SBCL CVS sb-bsd-sockets for the writing-to-closed-files bug that SLIME users sometimes experience.

Last week, Frank Neubüser found the notes I made last year on Oracle Wallet Manager. By spooky co-incidence, I had occasion on Monday to revisit this experience and revise my notes in that light: you can now find the new version (and Frank's email) over at metacircles