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Just back from listening to Neil#

Mon, 10 Nov 2003 21:01:31 +0000

Just back from listening to Neil Gaiman read at Borders. The event listing on his web site didn't mention signing, so I foolishly assumed there would be none; when I left the event there was a queue of better-prepared people halfway across the floor.

Fun, though. He read "Wolves in the Walls", then answered questions. " Where do I get my ideas from? Confluence. You should be very careful asking that question, because 90% of authors will make up a joke answer". Favourite characters: Delirium (Sandman), Crowley - or possibly Death (Good Omens), Wednesday (American Gods). No, there probably won't be another Pratchett collaboration. His Babylon 5 episode was pretty much entirely his own work. And his sinister beard makes him look, well, sinister. But also kind of cool (as if he didn't already).