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Well, it's no longer Monday, and needless to say, there is still no#

Tue, 14 Oct 2003 01:13:10 +0000

Well, it's no longer Monday, and needless to say, there is still no Slime on Sourceforge.

>> as I sit here continually failing to checkout SBCL because
>> sourceforge's anonymous CVS is so broken, I wonder if our destiny
>> lies elsewhere?
> Well, I see on their Site Status page that they should be done with
> the new CVS infrastructure this week - so maybe it's not such a big
> deal.

I have heard that before, mind you ...

The good news is, in the very short term, we will have a solution that will solve this issue. We are upgrading our hardware from one aging system to six new speedy boxes; this hardware is a portion of the new CVS infrastructure that we are implementing to improve CVS performance and reliability.

The solution will be in place by the time I write you next month.


First, in the last sitewide email I described our CVS performance issues and the solution we are introducing to fix them. The performance increase I spoke of (600%+ increase) is just days away from being deployed.


As of right now, we are working around the clock to get these new boxes online to give relief to the performance issues. Our primary CVS server is copying 15 million files to these six new machines. Since this box is also serving CVS checkins and checkouts to the community simultaneously, the data transfer has been slow going. During the last 4 days we have transfered 40% of the data. We expect the rest of the data to be transfered by Thursday of next week, and the new boxes online shortly there after.


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