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It appears that I wrote half of and then forgot about a September 15th#

Fri, 27 Sep 2002 17:14:47 +0000

It appears that I wrote half of and then forgot about a September 15th entry, which subsequently posted itself when I rsynced the htdocs directory for some other reason. Oh well. I'll fix it up at some point

I guess from context that "The Bourne Identity" is a film. Given that every time I read the title my first instinct is to assume it's an sh function that returns its argument, there is probably no hope for me. Um.

At last I have wireless at home (and in the back yard, and in the street behind that about as far back as the corner of the block). The PLX thing that I'd wasted

so much time

trying to get working on and off over the past year is now in the bin, after I happened into PC World yesterday and saw they were selling real PCI-PCMCIA adaptors for £25 (compares with £21.74 mailorder from dabs.com, so not an unreasonable instant-gratification-tax)

(All indications are that the PLX stuff does work for other people; the most likely explanation for why mine doesn't is that the hardware itself was b0rked)

Stuff happening lately:

I got email from a friend asking about book recommendations for Knowledge-Based Systems. It's not exactly my area of expertise (OK, so I'm a Lisp programmer. That doesn't have to mean I know anything much about AI) so I spent a few minutes with Google and found (among other, more relevant things) this interview with Ask Jeeves