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Paolo commented on comp.lang.lisp the other day that CLiki had just had its second birthday#

Mon, 03 Jun 2002 00:53:12 +0000

Paolo commented on comp.lang.lisp the other day that CLiki had just had its second birthday. I believe him, but I can't actually remember, myself. The first cut at CLiki sort of sat around being an undirected wiki-type thing; the second version was very briefly a resource list for the then-new lispweb mailing list ("Some things NOT on topic: LispOS mental masturbation"), then a couple of days later I decided that I really didn't care very much about Scheme and that it should concentrate on the stuff I personally find interesting: Common Lisp stuff on Unix. At or around that point I posted to lispweb, so I guess I could reasonably consider that the formal opening.

My suspicion is that the focus is what's made it successful. I don't think it's the only possible focus that would have been a success, but to make anything that even pretends to be a community site these days I think you have to find people with some degree of common goals. This is my rationalization for adding things like the dreaded non-free tag or my comments on the JavaScript page - it's not because I'm violently opposed to these things, but because they're off-topic for CLiki.

(The astute reader will already have observed that I side-stepped the question of whether I am violently opposed to these things or not. Even if Shaver's not reading this, i know from the referer(sic) logs that many other people who read his diary are)

After some more digging around for early CLiki references, I find my old diary entries. For comparison, as of right now it's had 36 POSTs since 26th May - so, no significant change there in two years, then. The number of GETs has gone up an awful lot, admittedly: analog gives current values, as well as a strong indication that most of them were probably search engine robots.

ILISP 5.12.0 happened, which indicates that I may be getting better at predicting software releases than I was in the bad old days of ftx13

I know I keep saying this (although, apparently, not in this diary: must be an IRC thing) but you should expect a couple of new cliki features in the very near future. According to my TODO list, all the obvious prerequisites for upgrading (it needs, among other things, a new SBCL version on my shell host, which tends to imply a pile of other stuff needing testing too) are satisfied, so now I'm just waiting for a slack time to do the actual upgrade. This would be one, except that right now I'm going to go to bed instead.