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There's a bug in SBCL 0.7.3 (and all older versions) that makes it#

Mon, 06 May 2002 14:03:26 +0000

There's a bug in SBCL 0.7.3 (and all older versions) that makes it randomly get SIGILL when it's working hard. The problem only manifested on newer Alphas, ans given that (i) mine is older, (ii) I've never heard from anyone else using it, I've not been too bothered about fixing it. But, now that SBCL is in Debian it's going to be an actual problem as the Debian autobuilders are ev6 machines so tend to blow up rebuilding newer versions.

Well, the problem turned out to be that the icache needs to be flushed (or synchronized, or whatever) after new code components are made, so a nop sanctify-for-execution is not good enough. Fixed that, and went in search of Compaq Testdrive machines to test on. The next version of SBCL (enbd of this month) should work, then. The Debian version should work before then, as I sent the patch directly to the Debian maintainer too.

The problem, though, is that I got carried away. Seeing all those OSF/1^WDigital Unix^WTru64 machines there as well, I started wondering how hard a SBCL Tru64 port would be. And, several hours later, had one that almost worked: it gets almost up to the point of printing the toplevel prompt, gets an error, gets confused, then slowly eats all available memory.

This is where Tru64 starts to get annoying. It's missing less, gdb, a working z option to tar. The C compiler can't optimize and debug at the same time. dbx won't attach to a process and show me its memory. gdb, which I have no built, gives scary internal error messages and offers to dump core whenever I attach to process (and if you think I'm going to start SBCL in the debugger and continue manually through n-1 perfectly normal garbage collection SIGSEGVs just to get to the one that's actually broken ... well