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Lately we've been playing the exciting game called "hey, how about#

Thu, 23 May 2002 17:00:21 +0000

Lately we've been playing the exciting game called "hey, how about actually reading the specs".

Last night I found out that the cookie handling in CLiki was putting spaces in cookie data (it shouldn't). Anyone who has mysterious \ characters appended to their username probably wants to delete their cookies for ww.telent.net and try again. It seems to only show up with reasonably recent Galeon and Mozilla browsers, which conveniently enough are the ones that you can delete cookies in without farting around editing cookies.txt by hand. So, good.

This afternoon I found that net.telent.date's so-called UNIVERSAL-TIME-TO-RFC-DATE function isn't, because it should be printing a timezone (it's guaranteed to be GMT, but apparently needs to be printed anyway). Having made that change (though not in the released version, for which I still need to do other stuff first), the Apache proxy actually starts caching as God intended, and suddenly the pages/second count as seen by apachebench doubles (99 requests/second on a 4k document on my was-once-cool-but-now-obsolete 500MHz laptop). Cool beans.