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Despite claiming to take two-three weeks to ``build'' my iMic, I#

Tue, 14 May 2002 05:45:51 +0000

Despite claiming to take two-three weeks to ``build'' my iMic, I got email form the Apple Store the day after I ordered it saying that it was being dispatched. So, maybe it will arrive for the weekend.

I was going to merge Tru64 support for SBCL this evening, but all (which is to say, both of) the useful machines at the Testdrive are down or at least ailing. So instead I've started paging bits of SBCL MP back in. Apart from anything else it's the realisation that it's most of a year ago I started hacking on the thing, and even granted it's been more on than off since then and that includes at least one 90% rewrite, it's about time I had something to show for it. So I spent some time thinking about queues and about arrest reasons and run reasons, and eventually I think I ended up with something tidier than I started out with

<dan_b> so technically I have no problems, but aesthetics are botyher ing me

My standard of typing on the other hand I long ago ceased to give a monkey's about.