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On Monday I went to the #

Wed, 01 May 2002 01:39:37 +0000

On Monday I went to the Campaign for Digital Rights Miniconference on the European Copyright Directive. If you live in the UK and ever read books, or listen to records, or use software, you should probably be concerned. A lot of people are reasonably concerned about the effects of digital copying on their industries, but legislating that it's illegal to break the copy protection (even when you have a legitimate use, like needing to transfer software to your new computer, or lending books from a library, or ...) is not the Right Answer. The software industry shelved copy protection a decade ago because users didn't like it; do we have to go through the same thing again?

Before the conference, 5pm tube travel reminded me quite sharply why I moved out of London.

After the conference, beer. After beer, pizza. After pizza, bus back from Islington to central London, and coach back to Oxford, arriving around 3am.

Today, new asdf version. Actually mostly done on the coach down to London yesterday. Also registered for the UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference. If you haven't already done likewise, you just missed the early rate. Update: uh, no you didn't. I was confused with OLS: the UKUUG early rate runs for another month yet.